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Resources for understanding and implementing Section 508
Requiring Official

Requiring Official

Identify which provisions apply to the procurement Perform market research to determine the...
Section508 Coordinators

Section508 Coordinators

Section 508 Coordinator Understand the provisions of Section 508 Understand your roles...
 EIT Vendor

EIT Professional

Learn how the Standards affect your site accessibility, and evaluate your site for 508 compliance

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Section 508 Blog - Voices From the Front Line

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Announcing the Beta Version of
We are excited to announce the new redesigned website.
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New Video & Multimedia Accessibility Guide
The Video and Multimedia Accessibility Guide, which covers captioning, audio-description, and accessible multimedia players, is available on
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The BuyAccessible Wizard

The website is intended to be a source for a variety of Federal government stakeholders to easily find guidance, tools, and resources to help with their Section 508 due diligence for EIT procurements. Some examples of things you will find on the new website are:

  • Tools and guidance to include: The BuyAccessible Wizard, the Quick Links, the Quick Reference Guide, and the BuyAccessible Glossary
  • Tabs at the top of the screen guiding you to Stakeholder driven pages for information on roles and responsibilities (e.g. Buyer, Coordinator, Contracting, Executive, Developer/Tester, and IT Vendor)
  • Activity driven guidance, tools, and resources for Section 508 related tasks in the “What would you like to do today?” section on the left of the screen (e.g. Determine how Section 508 applies, Develop Solicitation Language, Conduct Market Research, Conduct a Micro-Purchase, Review Solicitation Assessment Data , etc).
  • The Section 508 blog – A place where you can discuss Section 508 related topics with your peers.
  • The Vendor Accessibility Resource Center (VARC) – an alphabetical listing of EIT company websites with links to their products or services accessibility information.
  • Information on GSA’s Section 508 Solicitation Assessments and the Evaluation Scenarios
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