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Accessibility Requirements Tool (ART)

Start Using ART

The Accessibility Requirements Tool (ART) is a step-by-step guide to help you easily identify relevant accessibility requirements from the Revised 508 Standards, and incorporate them into your procurement and contracting documentation, as well as in-house IT development. GSA’s IT Accessibility Program developed ART as part of its mission to provide technical assistance to federal agencies, to improve compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Use ART to buy and build technology that’s accessible to all.

To start a new procurement, you’ll need to know:

Sample Procurement Language in 3 Steps

Have a standard procurement and want to help potential vendors understand the government's requirements and the process on how to deliver accessible products and services? Find the sample you need from the 40+ samples listed below, then cut and paste the sample language into your procurement documentation. The sample language covers such factors as: Program Need, Deliverable Requirements, and Evaluation and Acceptance Factors.

  1. Download the ART Contract Language Template

  2. Select and download the sample procurement language from the list below:

  1. Follow the instructions to copy/paste the standard language from the two documents into your procurement document


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