GSA Government-wide Section 508 Accessibility Program

Identify Section 508 Requirements

Once you determine that Section 508 is applicable to your procurement, the next step is to determine which technical and functional provisions apply to your product and/or service deliverables.

If you are making a micro-purchase, under $3000, simplified procedures apply. You can skip to the Section 508 for Micro Purchases page to learn how to quickly and easily fulfill your Section 508 obligations. This may be useful if you are making a small credit card purchase.

Tools, Guidance, and Resources

Quick Links
Check out the Quick-Links to get pre-packaged Section 508 requirements for a number of standard ICT deliverables. Choose your deliverable and Quick-Links will generate a Government Product Accessibility Template (GPAT) which identify applicable Section 508 provisions.

If your deliverable is not listed in Quick-Links, you can use the BuyAccessible Wizard to generate applicable Section 508 requirements by going through a wizard session and specifying the features and functions of your ICT deliverable.

BuyAccessible Wizard
BuyAccessible Wizard can help you determine what specific section 508 standards apply for product/Service you intend to buy.

Quick Reference Guide
This guide explains the each Section 508 technical provision in detail.

Section 508 blog

What if I am buying from a reseller?

What to do about Sole Source

If an agency is making a "Brand Name or Equal" ICT procurement, does Section 508 apply?

What if you can't find a Quick Link that Applies to Your Deliverable?