GSA Government-wide Section 508 Accessibility Program

Determine Section 508 Applicability

Section 508 Applicability is about determining whether Section 508 applies to any specific procurement. Section 508 is applicable to a procurement if any deliverables:

  1. Meet the definition of ICT as defined by the Access Board Standard and
  2. Do not meet the criteria of a general exception.

Section 508 is relevant to all ICT procurements. Simply put, this means any equipment used in the creation, conversion, or duplication of data or information may be subject to Section 508 requirements. ICT deliverables are evident in many procurements; for example, a laptop computer, an all-purpose machine, a website, etc. Each of these deliverables must be treated individually in subsequent steps of the Section 508 compliance process.

Tools, Guidance, and Resources

Is it ICT?
Determine if the product or service you are buying is Information and Communication Technology (ICT) or includes ICT components.

FAR Subpart 39.2 Electronic and Information Technology
Subpart 39.2 includes the requirement for ICT acquisitions to comply with the Access Board Standards (36 CFR Part 1194), the applicability, and the exceptions.

Section 508 Standards
The Section 508 Standards Subpart A describe the General Exceptions as well.

Quick Links
The BuyAccessible Quick Links list some standard ICT deliverables that are subject to Section 508 Standards.

BuyAccessible Wizard
BuyAccessible Wizard "Need" step can help you determine if Section 508 applies to your acquisition or not.

The Law, the Standards, and the FAR
Explains the relationship between the Rehabilitation Act, the Section 508 Standards, and the FAR acquisition requirements.

Guidance on Acquisition for Accessible ICT
Key activities for Section 508 compliance in the basic federal acquisition process, driven by Federal Acquisition Regulations and the Access Board Standard. [docx]

Section 508 blog

If an agency is making a "Brand Name or Equal" ICT procurement, does Section 508 apply?

Section 508 blog series called "Is it ICT?"

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