GSA Government-wide Section 508 Accessibility Program

Task or Delivery Orders for ICT

A delivery-order is issued for the delivery of supplies, and a task-order is issued for the performance of tasks that are included on an indefinite-delivery base contract. According to FAR 39.203(b)(3), "Requiring and ordering activities must ensure supplies or services meet the applicable accessibility standards at 36 CFR Part 1194, unless an exception applies, at the time of issuance of task or delivery orders." Appropriate Section 508 due diligence depends on how ICT deliverables are acquired by the order.

How will you acquire ICT deliverables?

Functions and Performance

Orders for ICT products specified by required functions, performance, or physical characteristics must include appropriate Section 508 accessibility requirements from the Access Board Standard

Brand Name - Exact Match

Section 508 requirements apply to Brand Name Only delivery and task orders, and ICT accessibility needs to be considered when justifying the Brand Name Only decision.

Government Purchase Card

If you are using a purchase card for a delivery or task order with simplified acquisition procedures, ICT accessibility and Section 508 requirements must still be considered.

Maintenance and Support

Section 508 requirements apply when maintaining as well as developing and procuring ICT. Section 508 accessibility requirements must be considered when acquiring ICT maintenance and support services.

Services Related to ICT

Services such as IT program support, architecture, and IT development generally provide deliverables that either affect Section 508 compliance or are themselves ICT subject to Section 508 requirements.