GSA Government-wide Section 508 Accessibility Program

Orders for ICT Bought With a Government Purchase Card

If you are making a micro-purchase, simplified acquisition procedures from FAR Part 13 apply. ICT accessibility and Section 508 must still be considered, but the time you spend on it should be reasonably proportional to the cost of the product. Government buyers always have to make a decision based on the best value to the government. Appropriate Section 508 due diligence for micro-purchases should be performed to the maximum extent practicable.

Section 508 Due Diligence for Purchase Card Buys

Know Your Responsibility for Section 508
Take advantage of available Section 508 micro-purchase training, and understand the role and responsibilities for Approving Officials of purchase card programs.

Spend a Reasonable Amount of Time on Market Research
There should be accessibility information available from the base contract (FAR 39.203(2)). Ask for this accessibility information. If it is not available you can advise the contract holder of their responsibility. Make sure the accessibility information you have applies to the version of the product you intend to buy. Is there an accessible version of the product available for a reasonable price? Consider the price of the item and the number of users when determining how much time is reasonable.

Consider the Degree of Risk for Accessibility
Understand the intended user community for the ICT you are purchasing. There is a greater risk if the ICT will be used by more people. If you are buying a product for a single user, does the user have a disability? If so assess whether reasonable accommodation be made if the product is not fully accessible. If the intended user does not have a disability, you still have to consider accessibility. Someone with a disability may use the product in the future, or a current user may benefit from accessibility features. Are you planning to purchase additional quantities of this item in the future? If so, it may be worth spending more time finding an accessible solution now.

Use Available Tools and Resources
The BuyAccessible Wizard allows you to indicate if you are making a "micro-purchase", then guides you through a few simple steps to determine how Section 508 applies. Quick Links provide you with applicable Section 508 requirements for a number of standard ICT deliverables. You can provide these requirements to the vendor in the form of a Government Product Accessibility Template (GPAT). When the vendor fills in the GPAT they indicate how well their product addresses the Section 508 requirements. The Vendor Accessibility Resource Center (VARC) is an alphabetic list of companies' websites with links to their product or service accessibility information.

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