GSA Government-wide Section 508 Accessibility Program

Service Contracts Related to ICT

ICT-related services generally provide deliverables that either affect Section 508 compliance or are themselves ICT subject to Section 508 requirements. Maintenance and Support contracts for ICT products are a special case discussed separately. When ICT-related services are acquired, Section 508 accessibility requirements must be considered when specifying agency need and documenting the RFP. Review the information below and use available BuyAccessible tools, resources, and guidance to help you meet these responsibilities.

Section 508 Due Diligence for ICT Service Acquisitions

Identify Section 508 Requirements for ICT Deliverables Produced By the Service
ICT development services, especially software, web-based, and video or multimedia development must result in conforming products. If specific functions, features or physical characteristics of the ICT to be developed are know, then identify applicable technical requirements from the Access Board Standard. If these characteristics are not yet known, specify functional performance requirements and document that applicable technical requirements will be determined for deliverable inspection and acceptance.

Require Section 508 Knowledge from ICT Service Providers
Program support and guidance related to ICT strategy, architecture, or use should consider issues of Section 508 compliance and ICT accessibility. ICT developers must be able to build accessibility and Section 508 conformance into the products they develop. Request that information about Section 508 background and experience be included as part of the proposals.

Consider Section 508 Requirements When Evaluating Proposals and Accepting Deliverables
Document how Section 508 requirements and vendor information will be included in proposal evaluation. Assess Section 508 requirements when accepting ICT deliverables, and make sure Section 508 consideration is given to strategic, architectural, and other ICT-related program and policy support.

Don't Forget Section 508 for ICT Information, Documentation, and Support
Make sure to consider requirements from the Access Board Standard CFR 1194 Subpart D for ICT information and documentation, as well as vendor support.

Common Mistakes in Section 508 Due Diligence

  • Not considering Section 508 requirements for ICT-related services.
  • Making a general mention of Section 508, but not identifying specific requirements from CFR 1194 that apply.
  • Not considering Section 508 for ICT information, documentation, and support
  • Not documenting Section508 exception determinations.

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