GSA Government-wide Section 508 Accessibility Program

Is it ICT?

Determine if a product is Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Common examples of ICT include:

  • Software or operating system (e.g., word processing application, accounting software, authoring and document presentation tools)
  • Desktop or portable computer (e.g., laptops, PCs, PDAs)
  • Electronic office product (e.g., photocopiers, calculators, fax machines, printers)
  • Telecommunication product (e.g., a telephones, cell phones, pagers)
  • Video and multimedia product (e.g., televisions, VCRs, DVD players, videotaped productions)
  • Websites

Products that do not have applicable Section 508 technical provisions:

cables, power cords, Ethernet cards and hubs, switch boxes, video splitters, blank CDs, and blank floppy disks

Sometimes looking up the definitions can help you determine if it is ICT

First read the Access Board definition of ICT.
Then use Wikipedia or web searches to determine the features of the product and compare it to the ICT definition.

UNSPSC codes

You can compare your UNSPSC code to this list of known ICT (functionality not added yet)

Determine if a service includes ICT deliverables

Types of ICT services include

  • Information Services
  • ICT Development Services
  • ICT Integration Services
  • ICT Operations and Maintenance Services
  • ICT Testing / Validation Services
  • Training Services
  • On-Site Support Services