GSA Government-wide Section 508 Accessibility Program

Monitoring and Reporting

The OMB Strategic Plan for Improving Management of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act aims to improve agencies’ management of Section 508 by increasing transparency, strengthening accountability, and improving collaboration. To strengthen accountability, agencies are required to report to OMB twice per year on the maturity and effectiveness of their Section 508 programs.

OMB Reporting

The CIO Council’s Accessibility Community of Practice and GSA analyze these reports to improve collaboration across agencies, reduce redundancies, and develop solutions and recommendations for improving Section 508 management across the Federal government. Your agency’s participation allows those resources to be better targeted for your needs.

Who needs to submit a report?

Bi-annual reports are required for all CFO Act Agencies, and recommended for ALL Federal agencies.

When is the report due?

Reports are due twice per year, at the end of February, and the end of August.

How to prepare your report

Provide the following information using the Reporting Template (PDF, January 2018):

  1. Complete the “Mandatory 508 Program Maturity Metrics” section for each of the 5 “Reporting Requirements” listed
  2. Complete the website “Compliance Metric” per your existing testing processes
  3. Complete the “Narrative” section, which is mandatory for this submission.  Please consider the following prompts to assist with that section:
    1. What progress has been made since the initiation of the mandated reporting
    2. What challenges have you faced in making additional progress
    3. What is your plan for advancing your program’s maturity and what, if any, external dependencies are required to achieve it
    4. For your website conformance results, what testing process did you use? If automated, what tools were used? If manual, what methodology (ex. Trusted Tester) was used?

The guidelines below contain descriptions, examples and guidance for completing the template, including decision trees to help you determine program maturity, and a suggested approach for rolling up program maturity data from multiple components or agencies into a single departmental submission.

How to submit your report

Additional Resources

Please direct questions about the template or reporting process to

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