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Measuring Website Conformance

Web conformance metrics measure how well government websites meet technical standards. In other words, how well does your website conform to the Revised 508 Standards for IT accessibility?

Why Measure Conformance?

Conformance can be evaluated using numerical measures, providing a venue for agencies to report clear results of their Section 508 testing activities. Over time, website conformance metrics can demonstrate the effectiveness of the policies, processes and procedures the organization has put in place to support Section 508 compliance.

How to Calculate Conformance

Report conformance metrics against either a full baseline (all web content), or a sampling method that represents high-risk or key web content areas. Calculate conformance in one of two ways:

  1. As a percentage of applicable 508 standards supported (vs. not supported) for all web pages tested. Follow the formula below and record the total percentage:
    • Calculate the total number of applicable Section 508 standards supported vs. the total number unsupported for each web page / website tested
    • Total Percentage = the average for all web pages / websites tested

    Example: 85% of the applicable Section 508 standards are supported in our existing Internet websites.


  1. As a percentage of the web pages that do (vs. do not) fully support the applicable 508 standards for all technology tested within the category (i.e., pass/fail). Follow the formula below and record the total percentage:
    • Calculate whether each web page or website tested “passes” or “fails” Section 508 compliance.  “Pass” means the product/deliverable meets all applicable Section 508 standards.
    • Total Percentage = total number of passes vs. total number of fails for all products/deliverables tested in the category.

    Example: 85% of applications tested fully passed Section 508 testing.

Reviewed/Updated: February 2019

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