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Assessing Program Maturity

There are five key metrics which you should use to measure the success of your agency’s Section 508 program. These measures are progressive, meaning each level of maturity is dependent on meeting the requirements of the levels below it. Report the maturity level that best reflects your organization’s overall status.

Maturity Metrics


Measures the extent to which your organization reviews and validates that contract language in procurement documents (e.g., Statements of Work) addresses IT accessibility/Section 508 compliance.

Technology Lifecycle Activities

Measures the extent to which your agency validates that Section 508 requirements are incorporated into technology lifecycle activities such as enterprise architecture, design, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance.

Testing and Validation

Measures the extent to which your agency conducts testing and validation of Section 508 conformance claims.

Complaints Process

Measures the extent to which your agency tracks and resolves incoming Section 508 complaints.


Measures the extent to which your agency trains stakeholders on roles and responsibilities related to Section 508 compliance.

Maturity Measures:

Maturity levels are listed below, from low to high:

  • Ad Hoc: No formal policies, process or procedures defined.
  • Planned: Policies, processes and procedures defined and communicated.
  • Resourced: Resources committed and/or staff trained to implement policies, processes and procedures.
  • Measured: Validation is performed; results are measured and tracked.

Reviewed/Updated: February 2019

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