Rolling Up Agency Metrics

Your twice-yearly Section 508 program maturity reports should explain how well the IT accessibility programs across your entire organization enable you to comply with Section 508. In addition to the overall maturity measures (ad hoc, planned, resourced, or measured), you also need to report your evaluation and test results for web compliance.

The report is designed to accept a single answer for your entire organization, so if you’re reporting for several agencies, you will need to “roll up” all report data into a single result.

Rolling up Program Maturity Metrics

Identify the most appropriate maturity level for all agencies in your organization, to determine the following for each maturity metric:

  • # of agencies that are currently Ad Hoc
  • # of agencies that are currently Planned
  • # of agencies that are currently Resourced
  • # of agencies that are currently Measured

​​Note: For agencies that manage their Section 508 program across multiple operating divisions / units, you can roll up program maturity results to the agency level.

Rolling up Web 508 Conformance Metrics

  1. Identify the web compliance level most appropriate for public facing and non-public facing websites for each agency.
  2. Weight each agency website compliance result by overall number of web pages tested.
  3. Total the weighted scores to get an organization-wide score.

Reviewed/Updated: February 2019