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Reporting Accessibility with VPAT® 2 - A Guide for Vendors

The new VPAT® 2 format offers multiple templates, allowing vendors to document conformance common with several common standards including the refreshed Section 508, WCAG 2.1, and EN 301 549 for vendors who sell into Europe or Australia. As the demand for accessible technology grows, so does the demand for product manufacturers and vendors to formally document their product’s or service’s conformance with accessibility standards. A VPAT® is often a procurement requirement, but even when it’s not, having a well written VPAT® can be a compelling competitive differentiator for vendors who want to show potential buyers that they’re actively evaluating and building accessibility into the products and services they deliver.

Tuesday, Sep 22 2020
11:00 - 12:30
Topic Area: Manage projects to ensure accessibility
Target Audience: B2B Technology Companies, Software Companies, Engineers, Product Engineers, Products Managers, Technology Managers
Provider: IAAP
This class or event is (select all that apply): Webinar
Is this available to all Federal employees?: Yes
Is this available to the public?: Yes
Registration Link: Register

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