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Section 508 IT Accessibility Community

Welcome to the Section 508 IT Accessibility Community (SEC508ITAC). This community consists of U.S. Government professionals who work to enhance access to federal information technology (IT). We identify and promote best practices for compliance with Section 508 law, and conformance to the Revised 508 Standards. We share successful practices and information, and engage advocacy groups, industry, and academia around innovative solutions for accessible technology.

How to Subscribe

Email the Government-wide IT Accessibility Team at with your request to join the 508 listserv. You must have an official government email address (e.g., .gov or .mil) to join.

Community Management

This community is managed by GSA’s Government-wide IT Accessibility Team, which supports 508 Program Managers, content creators, web developers, procurement professionals, CIOs, and others working to buy and build accessible IT, through universal design, procurement best practices, accessible design and development, and compliance with Section 508.

Community Managers: Yvette Gibson, Avis Ryan

Contact us with questions.

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