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Learn How to Create an Accessible Meeting

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In response to a global health epidemic, how agencies gather, collaborate, discuss, share, and learn has changed. What used to be largely in-person meetings are now virtual meetings where the audience participates remotely through voice and video. As federal employees return to their offices, meetings are expected to be a hybrid of in-person and remote participants. Accessibility can and should be seamlessly integrated into your meeting.

To assist individuals in making their next virtual, in-person, or hybrid meeting accessible to all attendees, we have published a comprehensive guide: Create Accessible Meetings.

Why Are Accessible Meetings Important?

Inaccessible meetings create barriers for people with vision, hearing, mobility, cognitive and other disabilities, and can prevent their participation in discussion, decision making, training and other duties.

The recent Executive Order on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in the Federal Workforce states that “the Federal Government must be a model for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, where all employees are treated with dignity and respect,” and that “the Federal Government must strengthen its ability to recruit, hire, develop, promote, and retain our Nation’s talent and remove barriers to equal opportunity.”

Accessibility underpins diversity, equity and inclusion. In fact, we can’t achieve our diversity, equity and inclusion goals without accessibility - including IT accessibility.

How Can I Be a Model Meeting Host?

Visit Create Accessible Meetings to learn how you can plan your next meeting - from selecting your venue or online platform; planning for, and scheduling accommodations; ensuring the accessibility of meeting documents and materials; meeting management techniques; and more.

By hosting accessible meetings, we not only make our events inclusive, we also help strengthen the government’s ability to recruit, hire, develop, promote, and retain our nation’s talent while also removing barriers to equal opportunity.

Reviewed/Updated: November 2021

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