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Executive Guide to Federal IT Accessibility Released

The federal government strives to deliver a level of service comparable to that of the best private sector organizations. As more government services move online, we have a responsibility to ensure equal access to services, particularly for people living with a disability. To that end, GSA has released an Executive Guide to Federal IT Accessibility.

Accessibility Is Good for Business

Accessibility is not only a legal requirement, it’s also good for business. Creating products and information that everyone can use drives innovation, provides a better customer experience, and improves employee engagement. Accessibility helps you reach more stakeholders and achieve your agency’s mission.

Executive support for accessible information technology (IT) is essential to increase compliance with federal policy, and help agencies deliver a digital customer experience that is accessible to all. Drawn from successful practices in both government and the private sector, this guide aims to help federal CIOs and senior executives improve the accessibility of our federal IT, through advocacy, strong governance, and appropriate resourcing of accessibility business functions.

Other Benefits of Accessible IT

Better accessibility supports many areas of information assurance, including security and privacy. Accessible websites are easier to maintain, more mobile-friendly, and retain customers by delivering a better customer experience. When we design IT systems to be accessible from the outset, we avoid having to make expensive retrofits to comply with policy, and reduce the risk of customer complaints and costly lawsuits. In addition, accessible and easy-to-use technology solutions can improve public perception of government.

IT accessibility is a team effort that requires strong support from agency leaders, and participation across the entire agency. With the right “coach,” Federal agencies can build a culture that values the importance of equal access, staff understands their responsibilities related to accessibility, and we can work together to produce digital products and services that meet the needs of all Americans. Read the Executive Guide to IT Accessibility to learn more.

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