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June 1, 2018 - The newly redesigned website is now live! We analyzed site usage and search data, as well as feedback from our user testing initiative, to develop the new look & feel. The site is now task-oriented, and common content is easier than ever to find.

The new design is intended to give you a better user experience. Changes include:

  • A modern, streamlined, and accessible interface;
  • Logical navigation, organized around top tasks and customer needs;
  • Content written in plain language so it’s easier to understand; and
  • Relevant information on topics important to you.

The redesigned homepage features clickable icons and tiles for top customer tasks. For example, the Create Accessible Products icon takes you to a robust overview of how to create and develop several types of accessible content, including documents, PDFs, websites and more.

Screenshot of homepage

Other top tasks and tiles include:

  • Manage a 508 Program - Guidance on how to run an agency IT Accessibility/508 Program.
  • Test for Accessibility - Tools and methods to test websites, software and electronic documents for conformance with the Revised 508 Standards.
  • View Policy - Overview of Section 508 and related IT accessibility laws and policies.
  • Buy & Sell - Guidance for information and communication technology (ICT) vendors, and Federal employees purchasing ICT products and services.
  • Tools & Training - Training, playbooks, and support.
  • Blog - Blogs & updates.

Keep in mind the new look and feel is an MVP (minimum viable product) version and we’re relying on you for feedback. If you have thoughts about the redesign, we can’t wait to hear from you. Please contact us at with questions or feedback.

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