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Accessibility Testing for Websites and Software

Web designers, developers, and content managers play a key role in ensuring websites and digital tools are accessible, and conform to the Revised 508 Standards and the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA.

Trusted Tester Program

The Interagency Trusted Tester Program promotes a unified, consistent, shareable, and repeatable test and evaluation approach for Section 508 standards conformance. The goal is to reduce redundant testing and save agencies money.

Testing Tools for Web

The tools used in the Trusted Tester Test Process (and ICT Testing Baseline tests) have been chosen based on several factors including ease of use, ease of teaching, and accuracy of results. They are also free to install and use.

  • ANDI (Accessible Name & Description Inspector), developed by the Social Security Administration, is a free open-source bookmarklet, which means that the tool does not require installation as a plugin and can be added to multiple browsers as a bookmark.
  • Color Contrast Analyzer (CCA), developed by Steve Faulkner and the Paciello Group, is a free open-source tool that displays the contrast ratio for two selected colors. CCA is used to inspect color contrast when contrast cannot be programmatically identified by ANDI.

W3C Guidance

A collection of tools and training from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Additional Guidance

Related Resources

The resources on this page were created through interagency collaborative efforts sponsored under the Accessibility Community of Practice (ACoP), a committee under the Federal Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council and the Federal Chief Acquisition Officer (CAO) Council. These resources are endorsed by the ACoP for use across the US Government for validating conformance to the Revised 508 Standards. (Note, resources created and hosted by Federal agencies other than GSA are not included in this endorsement.)


Reviewed/Updated: January 2020