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Trusted Tester for Web Certification Courses Version 5.1.3 Now Available

DHS recently announced the launch of the Trusted Tester for Web Certification courses version 5.1.3 (v5.1.3). This latest version brings a variety of improvements aimed at offering a more accessible and streamlined learning experience for participants.

What's New in v5.1.3:

  1. Accessible Plain Language: The updated courses now feature plain language and more comprehensive explanations for exam feedback, providing clarity and understanding for all participants.
  2. Adjusted Exam Requirements: The passing score for the Trusted Tester Practice and Final exams has decreased from 90% to 85% to make the certification more attainable for learners.
  3. Continuous Improvement: The updated courses introduce a new method to collect valuable feedback from participants, facilitating ongoing program improvement and refinement.
  4. Improved Design: Redesigned course templates offer a more engaging and visually appealing learning experience.
  5. Streamlined Exams: The Trusted Tester Incremental, Practice, and Final exams received structural updates to optimize efficiency.
  6. Updated Content: The course content has been updated to align with the latest Trusted Tester Conformance Test Process for Web (v5.1.3).

Enrollment Information:

If you would like to register for the online courses, visit the Training Portal at

Course Listing:

The Trusted Tester training track includes a comprehensive range of courses, including:

  • What Is Section 508 and Why Is It Important?
  • Section 508 Standards for Web
  • Trusted Tester Tools for Web on Windows
  • Trusted Tester - Training for Web on Windows
  • Trusted Tester - Practice Exam for Web on Windows
  • Trusted Tester - Certification Exam for Web on Windows

Get in Touch:

For any questions or assistance, you can reach out to the DHS Accessibility Helpdesk at

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in web accessibility testing with Trusted Tester v5.1.3!

About the DHS Trusted Tester Process:

The DHS Trusted Tester Process is a manual testing approach aligned with the ICT Testing Baseline for Web, offering repeatable and reliable conformance test results. DHS provides training and formal accessibility testing certification for utilizing the DHS Trusted Tester Process. Agencies adopting this process only accept test results from individuals certified as Trusted Testers.

For more information and resources, explore the DHS Trusted Tester Process and Certification Program page on

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