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Photo: Rebecca Lovley

Rebecca Lovley

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) | Washington, DC

Mrs. Rebecca Lovley serves as the Section 508 Program Manager at the Federal Communications Commission. She is responsible for ensuring that all Information and Communication Technology (ICT) the FCC procures, maintains, develops, and uses is accessible to employees and members of the public with disabilities and that the information given is comparable to the access available to others. In 1998 Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to require all Federal Agencies make ICT accessible to people with disabilities. Rebecca is very passionate about her role and feels very lucky to be in a position to help her fellow coworkers and members of the public.

Rebecca's Contributions

  • Blog

    Accessibility Risk Management and Risk Model for Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

    Risk management is a process which allows your organization to identify, assess, and prioritize risk to their objectives. In this case, the risk is specifically your organization’s accessible ICT portfolio. Risk management processes help decision makers understand and evaluate risk factors and assess the impact of those risks, if realized, to inform decision making and develop ways to minimize risk.

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