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Create Accessible Software & Websites

If you’re an author or developer of electronic documents, software applications, web content, operating systems, accessibility platforms, assistive technology, mobile environments, and modern development frameworks, you need to understand how the Revised 508 Standards (36 C.F.R. Part 1194) apply to your work.

Find Guidance and Training

The resources in this section will help you:

  • Find developer-oriented accessibility training;
  • Understand how the Revised 508 Standards apply to electronic content, systems, platforms, and frameworks;
  • Follow Federal Accessibility Community of Practice (ACOP) best practices;
  • Review and prioritize W3C, WCAG, and ARIA authoring best practices;
  • Use automated tools, manual testing, and assistive technology-based testing;
  • Examine best practices for mobile applications and web environments; and
  • Implement popular development frameworks.

Navigate through the sections below to learn more:

The best practices in this section are supported by peer review and consensus among the participants in the U.S. Federal Government Authoring and Developer Transition Working Group. A single resource is listed only when the group could not identify multiple resources. Inclusion does not imply endorsement by the authors, or the Federal government, and does not mean that other equally valid or useful resources do not exist.

Additional Resources

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Reviewed/Updated: July 2024

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