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The courses listed below can help you understand IT accessibility and how to comply with the Revised 508 Standards.

Online Training
On-Demand Webinars
Additional Training Resources
Federal Acquisition Institute

Online Training

The following self-paced courses provide an overview of key aspects of IT accessibility. (Note: Some of these courses are also available through the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI). If you need to earn Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) to meet annual training requirements, we recommend you take designated courses through FAI.)

  • Accessibility of ICT: An Overview for Government Executives – High-level overview of the Revised 508 Standards. Explains roles and responsibilities of Federal government executives, including agency heads, CIOs and CAOs, and Section 508 Program Managers.
    Audience: Agency Executives
    Course length: 15 minutes
    Certificate or CLPs available?: No
  • Section 508: What is It and Why is It Important to You? – Introduction to Section 508 and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Explains what Section 508 is and why it’s important, how Section 508 conformance can make ICT more accessible, reviews job-related responsibilities for meeting Section 508 standards, offers resources to help you meet your Section 508 responsibilities.
    Audience: Anyone interested in learning more about Section 508
    Course length: 1 hour
    Certificate or CLPs available?: Yes


  • Micro-Purchases and Section 508 Requirements – How to make micro-purchases that conform with the Revised 508 Standards, including how the requirements apply to micro-purchases of hardware, software, and other ICT.
    Audience: Government Purchase Card holders, Contracting Officers, Contracting Officer's Representatives (COR), Requiring Officials, Approving Officials and anyone involved in the micro-purchase process
    Course length: 30 minutes
    Certificate or CLPs available?: Yes


  • Technology Accessibility Playbook: How to Build an Effective Section 508 Program – Describes the 12 plays to integrate strategic, business and technology management into a successful Section 508 program, to ensure Federal ICT is accessible to persons with disabilities.
    Audience: Section 508 Program Managers; CIO/IT staff; Acquisition staff
    Course length: 2 hours
    Certificate or CLPs available?: No


  • Procuring Section 508 Conformant ICT Products and Services – Basic overview of the Federal acquisition process with regard to procuring ICT products and services that conform to Section 508.
    Audience: Anyone responsible for ensuring ICT products and services are Section 508 conformant (meet the standards)
    Course length: 1.5 hours
    Certificate or CLPs available?: Yes


On-Demand Webinars

Learn about the Revised 508 Standards from the U.S. Access Board.

Additional Training Resources

Federal Acquisition Institute

The Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) also offers training on IT accessibility. For a current list of courses, visit the FAI Find and Register for Courses page

You’ll need to create an account to register for training. Follow the steps below to create an account (if you don’t yet have one) and register:

  • Visit the FAI Training Acquisition System (FAITAS) login page
  • Read the notice and select “I agree”
  • If you're already registered:
    • Log in with your email address and password
  • If you are NOT yet registered:
    • Choose the link ”Register Here” and follow the instructions to create an account
  • Once you log in, your Dashboard will appear on your screen
  • Above your Dashboard, you will see a menu bar; select “Manage Career“
  • Then select “Training”
  • Then select “Search for Training”
  • Use the “Standard Search” option; choose “Continuous Learning Modules” by “Course Number” and search for the course # noted above, for the course you want
  • Select “Submit” and follow the prompts to complete the registration process

Please email us at with your questions about training for IT Accessibility and Section 508 compliance.


Reviewed/Updated: April 2018