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Overall Performance Category Findings and Recommendations: Overview

As discussed above, this Assessment groups reporting entities into categories that are a combination of their business function maturity and their operational conformance, with both ranging on 5-point Likert-like scales from Very Low to Very High. The combination of these two factors, each with 5-point scales, produces 25 individual overall performance categories where reporting entities fall based on their maturity and conformance responses. For instance, if a reporting entity’s responses produce a maturity index rating of 1.88 (Low) and an operational conformance index rating of 3.57 (High), then their overall performance category would be “Low Maturity - High Conformance.” We grouped reporting entities into overall categories based on their responses to the Assessment . Then, we conducted analysis for each overall performance category to determine group descriptive statistics (i.e., how many answered a question in a certain way) and maturity and conformance outcomes within the category . The sections below provide analysis highlights within each overall category as well as targeted recommendations that overwhelmingly apply to reporting entities within the category.

Below are the results from all 25 overall performance categories for this Assessment that encompass all 249 respondents.

Very-Low Maturity Categories

Low Maturity Categories

Moderate Maturity Categories

High Maturity Categories

Very-High Maturity Categories

Reviewed/Updated: December 2023

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