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Other Activities Under Consideration Beyond FY24

  • GSA intends to provide OMB with targeted recommendations for developing a governmentwide digital accessibility blanket purchase agreement (BPA) that would make it easier for agencies to procure accessibility related tools and services.A digital accessibility- specific contract vehicle will allow users to:

    • Save time and resources with the solicitation process (market research, source selection, approval).

    • Take advantage of consistent reliable resources, tools, and services.

    • Negotiate better product and service pricing given larger, repeatable volumes and orders.

  • GSA intends to explore possibilities of facilitating a governmentwide solution for procuring IT accessibility consulting services and developing information for procuring consulting services to support improving Section 508 implementation.

  • GSA, in collaboration with Access Board, plans to determine the feasibility of providing targeted technical assistance to specific agencies to improve Section 508 implementation.

  • Access Board, GSA, other relevant agencies and the Federal Communities of Practice (COPs) aims to develop best practices to include users with disabilities in helping to identify targeted ICT user needs for the federal government. Respondents overwhelmingly said that they did not incorporate users with disabilities into business requirements, acquisitions, or user testing, highlighting a gap in incorporating diverse perspectives in designing, developing and procuring ICT.

  • The Access Board and GSA intend to create best practices for agencies regarding sensible testing and ongoing compliance monitoring. These practices would include a cadence of testing content and recommendations for implementing testing tools and methodologies. While testing maturity was in the “middle of the pack” with respect to the maturity dimensions, key compliance outcomes, accessibility conformance testing and technology lifecycle findings highlighted that the government has much work to do to improve compliant ICT. New testing best practices will increase testing knowledge across the government, help to standardize government testing processes, and will likely improve Section 508 conformance.

  • The Access Board and GSA plans to provide guidelines for agencies to determine when an exception applies and how to generate required documentation (as described under E202.6.2 and E202.7.1). Given that approximately 40% of respondents did not know how many Section 508 exceptions were authorized within their organization in the reporting period, guidelines would improve accuracy in applying exceptions, the associated documentation, and the provision of alternate means of access for the public and federal employees.

  • GSA would like to explore the option to include instructions and performance standards relating to Section 508 compliance in COR certification and training. GSA may also consider strengthening performance standards for other ICT roles and responsibilities.

Reviewed/Updated: December 2023

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