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PDF Training Videos

How to Test and Remediate PDFs for Accessibility Using Adobe Acrobat DC

The Accessible Electronic Document Community of Practice (AED CoP) created this series of videos to explain and demonstrate the minimum steps needed to ensure your PDF is Section 508 conformant.

Module 0: Introduction & Background

Module 0: Introduction & Background

Learn about the Accessible Electronic Document Community of Practice (AED CoP) and the topics covered in this video series.

0h 4:26m

Module 1: Creating the PresentationÌs Layout Design and Establishing the Logical Reading Order

Module 1: What is a PDF?

Learn about the elements of a PDF and PDF tag types, where you  can download the Accessibility PDF Checklist, how to convert documents to PDF, and how to test a PDF for accessibility.

0h 9:11m

Module 2: Ensuring the Contrast Ratio Between Text and Background is Sufficient

Module 2: Testing a PDF for Accessibility

Discover how set up a document’s properties, evaluate the accessibility of a document’s content, and how to use Acrobat’s Accessibility Full Check tool.

0h 19:08m

Module 3: Ensuring Color and Other Visual Characteristics that Convey Information are Also Described in Text

Module 3: Remediating PDFs for Accessibility

Learn how to fix a PDF document’s properties, add and adjust tags, adjust the reading and tab order, add alternative text to images and objects, and set document’s language properties.

0h 18:38m

Module 4: Formatting Columns Correctly

Module 4: Converting Scanned Documents into Section 508 Conformant PDFs

Learn about the techniques used by advanced users to identify and correct text from scanned pages and signed memorandums as conformance PDFs.

0h 12:28m

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Updated: March 2023

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