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Play 5: Develop a Section 508 Program Team

We need talented people working in government who have expertise creating and delivering accessible digital services and technology. This includes bringing in seasoned project managers, acquisition professionals, testing and validation experts, compliance analysts, Section 508 Program teams, as well as training and communication professionals. When outside help is needed, teams should work with requiring officers to ensure agency teams are paired with contractors who are good at both assessing and supporting Section 508 compliance activities. The makeup and experience requirements of a Section 508 Program Team will vary depending on the size of the agency, the maturity of the compliance program, and the agency’s use of digital services and technology solutions.

Key Questions

  • Beyond the Section 508 Program Manager, do you have a Section 508 Program Team focused on providing technical assistance, compliance testing, issue management, and governance support?
  • Is your Section 508 Program Team able to provide technical assistance for the different types of digitals services and technology solutions developed, purchased, maintained, and used by your agency?
  • Does your Section 508 Program Team have the bandwidth to lead initiatives to advance program maturity, or does under-resourcing force it to operate in a reactive mode?
  • Do agency technology teams engage your Section 508 Program Team to provide accessibility expertise? How does the agency know this accessibility/508 resource exists and the services it provides?


  • Team members should have experience with:
    • Leading project initiatives,
    • Establishing policies and procedures,
    • Measuring, monitoring, and reporting on performance goals,
    • Risk assessment, planning, and management,
    • Evaluating technical architectures for accessibility impacts,
    • Assessing and defining development and procurement activities to support 508 compliance,
    • Performing Section 508 governance activities,
    • Supports technology acquisition activities (preferably Requiring Official experience),
    • Evaluating, testing, and validating technology for 508 conformance (preferably with trusted tester certification),
    • Configuring and using 508 testing tools,
    • Developing and delivering training,
    • Communications planning and delivery,
    • Help desk support and complaint management,
    • Technology research, and
    • How assistive technologies work.
  • Team members should have in-depth knowledge of:
    • The Section 508 law and technical standards and how to apply them,
    • Interdependencies between Sections 508, 504 and 501 of the Rehabilitation Act, and
    • The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).


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