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IT Accessibility/508 Program Manager Responsibilities

An IT Accessibility/508 Program Manager (PM) has a complex job that requires in-depth knowledge of agency information technology (IT) business and procurement processes, appreciation for the needs of individuals with disabilities, and a clear understanding of the laws, standards and policies that govern accessibility of IT in the Federal government.

To address these needs across the agency, the PM must be a champion for accessible technology, and promote access to training, tools, and resources that enable agency components to deliver solutions that support the needs of all users. Outlined below are recommended responsibilities, skills and relationships a PM will need to manage an effective agency IT accessibility program.


  • Lead the agency’s IT Accessibility/508 Program, a complex agency-wide responsibility that touches all parts of the organization;
  • Understand how Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and related laws, regulations, policies, and standards apply to the procurement, development, maintenance and use of information and communication technology;
  • Have a fair understanding of assistive technologies used by people with disabilities;
  • Lead efforts to establish Section 508 compliance policies and processes throughout the organization, including policies related to:
    • Procurement;
    • Software and web development;
    • Content development and publication; and
    • Management of agency websites and other digital properties;
  • Actively promote the benefits of accessible technology, and advocate and negotiate to improve accessibility of agency IT products and solutions;
  • Lead compliance management activities for digital services and technology covered under the Section 508 law;
    • Address compliance requirements in design, acquisition, development, and maintenance life cycles and processes;
    • Ensure conformance claims are validated;
  • Ensure agency staff have access to accessibility training and tools;
  • Assess the maturity of the agency IT Accessibility/508 program;
    • Measure and report to OMB on compliance program activities;
  • Coordinate outreach and training;
  • Respond to accessibility concerns and complaints submitted to your agency;
  • Establish tracking procedures to document agency successes and remediation efforts for Section 508 compliance; and
  • Encourage professional development and recognition of accessibility professionals across the agency.


  • Program and project management
    • Strategic planning;
    • Business process analysis;
    • Risk management;
    • Business case development; and
    • Problem solving and analysis techniques.
  • Collaboration
    • Organizational awareness;
    • Partnership development; and
    • Influence and negotiation.
  • Policy compliance
    • Knowledge of IT accessibility requirements, including 508 standards, law and policy; and
    • Familiarity with the other components of the Rehabilitation Act (Sections 501, 503, and 504).
  • Customer experience
    • Communications planning and management; and
    • Customer service.

Key Stakeholders and Relationships

  • Technology providers and development teams;
  • Operations and service delivery components;
  • Acquisition teams;
  • Communications and training groups;
  • Civil rights and reasonable accommodation officials;
  • Human resource staff;
  • Legal staff; and
  • Other Federal IT Accessibility/508 Program Managers.

Reviewed/Updated: August 2018

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